Pipe Descaling Sample- Feb 2019

pipe before and after descaling. Pipe descaling
pipe before and after descaling. Pipe descaling Carolina relining solutions

Clogs in pipes that keep coming back may be the result of debris caught inside of pipes. If this is not removed in time, it can cause major problems. There are signs you should look for when determining whether or not your pipes are clogged. These signs include: backed up water, slow-draining water, and a foul odor.

Cast iron pipes are very strong and can last a long time, however, after years of waste and water flowing inside the pipes, they will eventually cause problems. Sediment and rust can build up inside the pipe. Tuberculation is the formation of rust on the inside of the cast iron pipe which causes resistance to water flow.

This might sound like a disaster, but thanks to the team at Carolina Relining Solutions, we can get rid of this build up in no time! We use special milling machines to “descale” the pipe and get rid of the build up inside. There is no need to dig up your beautiful yard and once the process is done, you will have free flowing water again.


In the below video you can see one of our experienced Technicians breaking up the scales inside this cast iron pipe. This process is known as pipe descaling. Descaling a cast iron pipe removes the debris buildup inside a pipe that can cause clogs or drainage issues.

If you are interested in our pipe descaling services, give our office a call at (843) 300-1505!

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