Charleston Pipe Descaling

What is Cast Iron Pipe Descaling?

  • Pipe Descaling is a process of removing build up of scale caused by aging cast iron pipes that transport various form of waste products.
  • One process of restoring flow to your pipes is hydro-jetting, a process we have found to be effective as a maintenance solution; not always delivering desired longer term solution.
  • Our team of Charleston pipe descaling Technicians specialize in remediation of this exact problem using a method of milling the interior of the cast iron pipe under a pressurized vacuum with applied milling heads restoring the pipe to its original size.
  • After the milling process a coating can be applied to help slow down aging of interior of cast iron, essentially slowing down build of future scale.

How does scaling affect a pipe?

  • As water drains to your sewer pipes, scaling can collect on the pipes and grow in volume, effectively reducing the volume available within the pipes, which can cause a lot of issues with your plumbing.
  • Scaling occurs when the water has a large mineral content, which creates scale that can clog up appliances, amongst other effects.
  • Cast iron pipes will also rust over time. Rusting on the interior of cast iron pipe will reduce the flow of wastewater.
  • Wastewater once in contact of interior rusting cast iron pipe will allow the build up of scale shrinking the size of pipe.

Charleston pipe descaling

Why am I told to replace my pipes by plumbers?

Not every plumber in the Charleston area has access to the array of descaling equipment used to keep pipes in working order. Some plumbers that you might have come  look at your pipes will notice the scale, and tell you the only option that is available is to dig up and replace the pipes; but this may not always be the case.

If a plumber tells you your pipes need replacement, give the team at Carolina Relining Solutions a call and get a second opinion. Our team of Charleston pipe descaling technicians will give you an honest opinion about whether your sewer pipes can be descaled or they need to be replaced or relined.

When will my sewer lines need to be replaced?

Once the pipe material begins to corrode, a major sewer leak is possible, and the need will arise to either replace the sewer line or reline it using a CIPP liner. The team at Carolina Relining Solutions is your one stop shop for sewer line replacement or rehabilitation. Give our office a call to set up an appointment with our team of experienced Charleston pipe descaling and sewer pipe relining Technicians at 843-300-1505