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Restoring Charleston’s Infrastructure

Restoring Charleston's Infrastructure Carolina Relining Solutions

Charleston, SC Trenchless Pipe Relining

Old cast Iron pipes in your home, business, or industrial facility may have reached the end of their life span and need to be replaced. Traditional methods would require extensive digging of your landscape and even home flooring to replace the old pipe. These repairs can end up costing thousands of dollars and may take several days to complete. We are committed to restoring Charleston’s infrastructure, and luckily, there is a less destructive, inexpensive, faster alternative called trenchless pipe relining. Pipe relining is a process of replacing old pipes by inserting a brand new cured in place pipe (CIPP) inside the existing pipe. This is done by using state of the art technology to clean the existing pipe and reline it by gaining access from a cleanout, vent, or even a toilet. The liner is made of fiberglass that is wet-out with an environmentally friendly epoxy resin, and it is hardened using UV LED curing technology. The final product is a brand-new pipe inside the old one, which comes with a 10-year warranty and is backed by a 50-year engineered life expectancy. Most relining projects are completed in less than a day, making this a quick and in-expensive solution.

Customer based solutions

Charleston, SC is our home, and we are committed to restoring the beautiful historical buildings and infrastructures in our city by providing the least invasive solutions to pipe failures that may occur. Our certified pipe relining technicians have been trained to the highest industry standards, so you can be confident the solutions we provide are up to code and will last for years to come.

Common Issues in old sewer lines:

  • Trench rot
  • Corroded sections in the pipe
  • Tree root infiltration
  • Insect infestation
  • Cracks in pipe
  • Constant clogs

Think you might have an old pipe in your home or business?

Call 843-300-1505 and get in touch with one of our pipe relining experts today. We are committed to restoring Charleston’s Infrastructure and will gladly help you find a solution to your sewer or drain pipe problem.

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