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When Would Relining Not Be an Option?

Relining The Way

Have you been told by a plumber that your main sewer line needs to be replaced or repaired? Are you interested in trenchless CIPP lining methods instead of excavating your slab and yard? Pipe relining is a
great nondestructive method of replacing your sewer line, however it is not the right solution for all pipe
repairs. Pipes with large bellies or total collapse sections will likely have to be excavated.
If you are in the market for a sewer line repair, you may have heard a plumber say your pipe has a belly.
A belly in the pipe is a term plumbers use to describe a dip or sag within the line. This occurs over time
when the pipe trench is not properly compacted and bed prior to installing the sewer line. If we find a
belly in your line while conducting a camera inspection, we recommend correcting the grade in that at
section of pipe instead of relining it.

Collapsed Pipe

You may have also heard the term collapsed pipe. If your sewer line is made of clay, terracotta, or
orangeburg you might face a section of collapsed sewer line. If your pipe is not replaced before the end
of its useful life, it becomes brittle and more susceptible to collapsing sections. When this occurs, we
often recommend excavating a point repair on the collapsed section of the pipe prior to relining.
Carolina Relining Solutions just added a Bobcat E35 excavator to our equipment fleet allowing us to be
more efficient and competitive when a job requires excavation. Give us a call and let us conduct a
camera inspection to provide you with the best possible option for your sewer line replacement project.

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