Uncategorized Types of Cleanouts Your Home or Business May Have!

Types of Cleanouts Your Home or Business May Have!

PVC Yard Cleanout

Do you have a cleanout?

A cleanout is a point of access along your sewer system that provides easier access for cleaning, inspections, and maintenance all within your sewer. Cleanouts are found in several possible locations throughout the property. Cleanouts can be found in your floors, walls, yards, roof vents, or sewer line. Cleanouts play a crucial role for maintaining and helping your sewer line drain efficiently.

Floor Cleanouts

Floor cleanouts are just as they sound. They are usually installed in utility rooms, crawl spaces, or basements. They have a removable cap and provide access to clear blockages.

Wall Cleanouts

Wall cleanouts like floor cleanouts give access for maintaining sewer lines but usually found recessed within the wall.  Often covered by a plate.

Yard Cleanouts

Yard cleanouts are typically found on the outside of the property and have a white cap that is either screwed on with a square nut and able to be removed when there is a blockage.

Roof Vent Cleanouts

Roof vent cleanouts are located at the top of the property’s vent stack. This gives plumbers access from a roof level and allows for us to be able to clean, maintain, and repair the line.

Sewer Cleanouts

Sewer cleanouts are often larger compared to other cleanout types. This allows for specialized equipment to gain access and inspect and remove blockages. Typically, the city will install a cleanout at their connection to your sewer line. This line will only be used for City and Municipal purpose.

What Type of Cleanout do You Have?

If you are unaware if your property has a cleanout or need plumbing assistance, give Carolina Relining Solutions a call at (843)300-1505! Or send us an email to info@carolinareliningsolutions.com.

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