Charleston,Historic,Trenchless Pipe Relining Historic Downtown Charleston Fountains

Historic Downtown Charleston Fountains

Historic Pineapple Fountain

The Pineapple Fountain

The beloved well-known staple of downtown Charleston, South Carolina where people travel just to see and grab a photo of and in front of. The iconic fountain began experiencing water loss and the City of Charleston reached out to us and be began investigating for a leak. Our team of highly trained and certified technicians discovered a leak within the supply line and came up with a plan for repair. Carolina Relining Solutions used the spin coating epoxy technique to restore the four-inch supply line without any excavation or damage. This technique we insert a brush head on a line along with the camera. The head begins to spin and the epoxy begins to coat the inside of the pipe and once hardened this will help give the existing pipe a 50-year engineered life span expectancy.

The Vendue Fountain

Along with the Pineapple fountain the Vendue fountain was seeming to lose water pressure. Upon inspection the team at Carolina Relining Solutions discovered this supply line was also in need of repair. The team utilized our CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) technique in the four-inch supply line. During the CIPP process the pipe liner is prepared with an epoxy resin coating and rolled into a liner drum. The liner drum is pressurized with air and a technician carefully guides the liner into the pipe. Once enough air is in the drum the liner will shoot inside the old pipe from one end to the other. Our advanced UV LED curing and camera head is pushed all the way through the pipe, ensuring there are no creases or defects. After checking all the settings on the UV curing system, the head is turned on and the curing process begins. Once hardened the pipe will have practically a new pipe within the old one that is not fractured or in need of repair. This technique will also give the pipe an additional 50-years engineered life span expectancy.

CIPP liner
Our technician using CIPP with UV curing.

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