Carolina Relining Solutions offers epoxy pipe coating services for residential, commercial, and industrial projects in Charleston, SC. Epoxy pipe coating is a trenchless pipe rehabilitation process that involves coating the inside of an old pipe with a two-part epoxy resin that is designed to last over 30 years.


Cast iron pipe brush coating from Picote is a pipe restoration method where the existing cast iron sewer pipe is renewed by spin coating the inside of the pipe using a two part epoxy resin. By doing this, the pipe is renewed and restored to superior condition without causing unwanted damages in your home or business. Brush coating is typically used when traditional pipe relining methods are not an option due to a small pipe diameter or lack of space. The coating applied provides a wear-resistant, damp-proof and durable lining inside the existing pipe that provides functionality for several years to come.

Epoxy pipe coating Carolina Relining Solutions


First, a proper camera inspection is performed to asses the damage of the pipe. Some things to look for will be cracks, tree roots, tuberculation, and any rotting where pieces of the pipe are completely gone. Typically if the pipe is in a condition where relining would not be necessary or possible, then the brush coating process would be the best method to restore the cast iron pipe.

The next step would be to clean and clear the pipe of any debris by milling down any tuberculation and flushing it away with a hydro jetter. Once the pipe is cleaned it is ready to be brush coated.

Using a two-part epoxy resin cartridge and pump, the resin is shot through a tube into the pipe. A milling machine and camera is also attached to the plastic tube. A brush is attached to the milling machine which is used to spread and coat the epoxy resin onto the interior pipe walls. The brush is slowly moved through the pipe as the camera is used to monitor the process to make sure there are no untouched spots inside the pipe. Once the first coat is complete, the pipe is left to dry for a few hours and the process is repeated.

Usually three to four coats are applied and the process may take up to two days to complete depending on the length of the pipe and drying time.

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